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Custom-print Golf Balls for Golf tournaments and events.

Custom-printed Golf Balls are a comparatively new concept but one that's fast catching on.  Printed or personalised golf balls are being creatively utilised for a number of occasions – from corporate gifting sets, event souvenirs, to private tournament branding, and innovative marketing campaigns.  Customised logo golf balls are the new rage that unlike older technologies based on stickers or decals, utilise high definition ink transfer for crisp, long lasting images.

Golf players prefer to mark their balls to keep track of them and create their personal brands. Personalised golf balls therefore make ideal gifts for all golf players.   Coloured motifs, symbols or fonts can be imprinted onto the surface of golf balls for this purpose or any other.

An effective way to brand golf balls for Golfing tournaments is by printing event logos onto the surface of each ball.  This raises the standard of the event while making a lasting impression on event participants and visitors.

Logo printed for Golf tournament

Made-to-order golf ball printing or golf ball logo printing is undertaken by specialised printers that can print dozens of golf balls at one time reducing cost, time and effort.  They are fitted with specialised golf ball fixtures that hold multiple balls steadily in place while printing.

Print shops can now offer this specialised print job to corporates, event organisers or individual golf players by installing a golf ball printing machine in their premises.  Due to the definite and unique function of golf ball printing, a print shop can add to its niche printing portfolio and expand its clientele and business applications.

Golf Ball Printing

printing tray with 3D objects

Capturing the attention of the print industry is the new Mutoh Value Jet 426UF, LED-UV Printer. Its 19 inches by 13 inches flatbed includes a vacuum table top that secures golf balls and other objects while printing.  With energy efficient UV-LED lamps, and 6 colour printing including white, CMYK and varnish coating, the Mutoh VJ426 produces ultra-clear images with the minutest details.  It produces safe and ready prints for immediate usage, making it highly suitable for clients' last minute printing requests.

These high end printers are specifically designed for short run or one off items making them perfect for prototypes, gifts, personalised items and souvenirs. 

Easy printing on a variety of materials including PC, PET, PS, PVC, PMMA (acrylic), PP, glass, ABS, and Alu-board offers the owner of the Mutoh VJ 426 a distinct business advantage over competitors.

process of printing on golf balls

Mutoh ValueJet 426UF Golf Ball Printer

Mutoh VJ LED UV printer's proven technology is taking the print industry by storm.  Numerous awards and titles have been bestowed upon this impressive all-purpose printer.  Rightly awarded by The European Digital Press Association, the Mutoh VJ was named 'Best Multipurpose Object Printer' at FESPA in Germany last year.  It was also awarded 'Best New Product' at the International Sign Expo. In fact, the Mutoh VJ426 has won 'Product of the Year' thrice in row in the minimal time since its launch.

Mutoh Awards

To multiply your business as you experience the benefits of Mutoh's advanced technology in your printing business, get in touch with us today! Request for a product demo and let us offer you a detailed insight into the product and its custom-made Golf Ball print application. 

Behind Mutoh’s Success

Mutoh printers imbibe Japanese technology and ideology in their production processes.  'Takumi' or master craftsmanship is behind these world class printers that are touted to be the best in their class.  The advanced Mutoh facility in Suwa, Japan follows strict manufacturing procedures for all its creations.  They also believe in 'Kaizen' or constant improvement which motivates the Mutoh team to exceed client expectations and surpass industry standards with each new version of printer.

Watch this video to see an overview of Mutoh’s printer manufacturing process.

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Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

UV LED Printer

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