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Personalised Mobile Phone Cover Printing in Minutes.

In the rapidly expanding world of mobile accessories, the mobile phone case segment is surging forth leaving other cell phone accessory segments behind.  As the cost of mobile phones is on a decline, this phenomenon has given emergence to excess budgets being directed towards fancy, personalised mobile accessories.

In the case of high end devices like the Apple Iphone and Samsung Galaxy, the consumer finds great value in investing in a protective cover.  Statistics show that 9 out of 10 phone users will own a phone case with personalised prints, generic designs and even crafted wood.  Handphone cases occupy almost 20% of the mobile accessories industry and this share is fast growing.

A customised phone case is an all popular preference for mobile users of all ages.  While the cover works at protecting the device inside, personalised case designs serve other valuable intangible purposes such as self-expression, embellishment or merely establishing a unique identity.  These basic human requirements have triggered the phone case printing business to sparkle as a highly lucrative opportunity.

In urban cities like Singapore with a mobile penetration rate of close to 150%, the wide spread popularity of Android and iOS based smartphones provides a big opportunity.  For a print shop, phone case printing can be presented as a specialised sole function or a vital constituent among a gamut of print job offerings.  Numerous modern day printing professionals, have launched their businesses beginning with mobile cover printing due to the potential it holds.  Though a unique, eye catching design may appear to be the most important aspect, it’s the quality and finish of the printing technology that ensures that even a simple artwork pops.  This is something phone users are realizing.

Therefore, to capture a worthy slice of the custom phone cover printing market, the only true investment involves a high end UV LED printer that delivers instant, optimum prints on a variety of phone case materials. 

Custom Phone Cover Printing Market

Mutoh recently launched their ValueJet 426UF compact table top, 6 colour UV LED printer.  The VJ 426UF has an integrated vacuum table enabling a media fix functionality which is essential for printing on light-weight items like phone covers.

Mutoh VJ 426 has the following benefits -

  • Prints directly onto objects up to 70 mm thick
  • High quality output, ultra sharp production
  • Excellent for short run items, one offs or prototypes
  • Piezo print head for print resolutions upto 1440 x 1440 dpi
  • VOC free CYMK, white and varnish inks create a specialty (embossed) finish
  • Ideal as an iPhone case printing machine

Watch this video of Mutoh UV LED printer print Phone Cases and other items

The Mutoh VJ 426 Printer

Mutoh's superior printers are manufactured in Japan using advanced craftsmanship and technological inputs.  Stringent manufacturing laws govern the production of Mutoh printers from start to finish.

Mutoh is the world's first manufacturer of large format Piezo electric printers.  Their smart print technology suits a wide variety of applications and is ideal for print jobs of any size.  Intelligent, inter-weaved print techniques deliver high quality prints in a wave pattern, eliminating banding and other inconsistencies, and resulting in superior output each time. 

This multi-purpose printing machine has already received the attention and accolades of many well-known bodies from the printing industry.  It was awarded the 'Best Multipurpose Object Printer' by the European Digital Press Association last year while also being titled Best New Product at the International Sign Expo in the US. 

The Mutoh Advantage

Do the facts sound interesting enough for you to either enter or expand your existing printing business?  Then as the first step towards an effortless and prosperous business in the Phone Case printing sector, do request for a product demo or request for further details via our website. We would be happy to help. 


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