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Expand your print capabilities to promotional & giveaway items.

Effective branding is a mix of loud, aggressive in-your-face messaging and understated visibility via daily usage items such as pens, ties, caps, or even USBs.  Branded items such as these are a clever way to promote a company and create recall among targeted clientele.

Printed promotional items can be distributed internally among a company's employee bank, vendors and current clients.  But to reach out to a wider potential audience base, logo printed merchandise is often given out as gifts or souvenirs at large events such as exhibitions, conferences or parties.  

The future of printed products is being elevated by two factors:  1) The creativity of designers 2) Advancements in printing and production technologies. The fact is that no matter how good a design, one cannot do justice to it via inferior prints.

Plus, printing onto a variety of items is a specialised function. It involves small production runs, usually for a limited number of prints on a variety of surfaces.  Sometimes, highly personalized corporate gifts can involve only one print for one particular individual. At others you may require prototypes to win over a client and secure the job.

Nuances in Creating Customised Gifts & Giveaways

The latest Mutoh Value Jet printer is a convenient, A3 6 colour LED UV printer with an inbuilt vacuum table that holds items in place while printing. Its wide print area of 483 mm (19”) x 329 mm (13”) allows direct printing onto objects up to 70 mm thick.  Its energy efficient UV Lamp system ensures optimum quality prints onto a variety of surfaces ranging from plastics, to wood and glass.

As required this multi-purpose printer is designed for short run, one off print jobs that are crisp, precise and ready for immediate usage.  The CYMK LED UV Inks used by the new Mutoh VJ 426UF LED printer offers optional white and varnish for a perfect, glossy finish.  These printers specialise in a variety of products and prototypes including 3 dimensional products, ideal for tradeshow giveaways or corporate gifts.  Mutoh's intelligent interweaving print technology is considered the best in its class today. 

Watch the Product Overview video of VJ 426 printer here

Print Advantage of Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

Mutoh printers are known for their excellence and unmatched quality and precision.  The entire range of Mutoh printers have received much industry acclaim, on the global platform.  The Mutoh Value Jet 426UF with its superior print technology was awarded the 'Best New Product' title at International Sign Expo held in the US.  Recently, The European Digital Press Association acknowledged the Mutoh VJ LED UV printer as the “Best Multipurpose Object Printer” at FESPA in Germany.  It is also the recipient of 'Product of the Year' three times in a row. 

The secret behind Mutoh's excellence is the Japanese manufacturing ideology that embodies Kaizen or 'constant improvement' and Takumi or 'master craftsmanship'.  The attractive and highly efficient printers made by Mutoh are manufactured in Japan and distributed all over the world.  Known for its strict manufacturing procedures each product made at Mutoh's facility caters to all requirements including performance, output and specifications. 

Mutoh Awards

If you wish to add profitability to your business by getting into the growing promotional merchandise market, with the new Mutoh printer, contact us and request for a product demo today!

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Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

UV LED Printer

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The other speciality of printing on items is the need for delicate precision for the smallest of designs or logos, which could be on uneven or curved surfaces, like that of a pen or a mug.

These offerings if added to a print shop's repertoire can increase business manifold due to the rising demand in promotional printed items urged by new age printing technology .  This is where advanced digital UV Ink jet printers are offering, precise, effective, economical and quick solutions.

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