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Create Signages from Point of Purchase to Industrial and Directional.

Signage plays an integral role in the visual aspect of any business marketing mix.  Its many applications attract, educate, and trigger consumers to act towards purchase and word of mouth recommendations.  Due to its high impact attribute, signage is a highly competitive industry that depends on creativity, location and print quality.

The most essential signs are displayed either at Points of Purchase (POP), or can be placed elsewhere as Directional or Instructional boards.  Point of purchase signage are impactful as they can offer inspirational moments leading to direct sale.  They hold the power to initiate spontaneous purchase. Instructional signage, like the name suggests, is informative while Directional signs simply show the way.  Custom signs, small banner or display printing and ADA 3D signs are also gaining fast popularity and expanding the world of printed signage.

The visuals and words utilised in creating awareness, attracting attention, informing or directing, revolve around your key messaging and what it is you would like your audience to know and do.  However, no matter how original and eye catching your visual concept, a substandard print job can dilute your messaging and fade into the myriad of signs that consumers are exposed to nowadays.

A Sign can make or break a Sale

Breaking through the clutter and offering precise and detailed printing is the new breed of digital printers that cut time, money and worry to increase efficiency and confidence.  Flexographic printing is affordable, user friendly and offers the closest version of the original artwork or design, if not better!.  The prize winning Mutoh ValueJet 426UF desktop LED UV printer is a compact, environmentally safe, flat-bed A3+, 6 colour LED UV set with a print table area of 483 mm (19”) x 329 mm (13”).

UV LED Printing

The emerging signage printing market

Globally, the signage print market, especially pertaining to POP, was worth almost USD 50 billion in 2014. As mentioned, the larger chunk of this sector was occupied by Indoor signage which accounted for 72% while outdoor printed signs made up the remaining 28%.  A notable trend in the market shows indoor signage overtaking outdoor printed publicity by 1.2% annually.

This opportunity is a significant one for those in the printing business.  From small scale print shops to larger printing companies, sector players can be assured of thriving business from a wider and deeper clientèle.  The trick to stay ahead is by adapting to newer printing technologies and maintaining superior quality. 

Are you interested in developing Signage printing capability and tapping opportunities in this market niche? Boost your printing business and maximize your profits by asking for a Product Demo or call us for any further enquiries today!

The Mutoh VJ 426UF LED UV Printer: Accolades & Awards

In 2015, The European Digital Press Association acknowledged the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF LED UV printer as the “Best Multipurpose Object Printer” at FESPA in Germany. The innovative printer was also recently awarded the 'Best New Product' title at International Sign Expo held in the US.

Backing Mutoh's superiority and precision is advanced Japanese technology implemented by skilled workers with accordance to the Kaizen or 'constant improvement' principle. The Suwa factory in Japan where Mutoh is manufactured has adopted the cell production system ensuring detailed attention is given to each component of the machine, at every stage of its production line.

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Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

UV LED Printer

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Printed Labels for marketing

Its other significant features include:

  • Super sharp, top quality interwoven image production
  • Energy efficient LED UV lamp that churns out prime prints
  • Production of safe and ready prints for immediate usage
  • Perfect for personalised gifts, packaging, labels, signs, awards
  • Easily caters to the industrial market, sign and graphic market and specialty market.
Apart from Mutoh VJ's superior output, the printer's wide surface applications make it a profitable choice for any print shop with clients desiring custom signs, POP signage, display printing and the like.  Effortless printing on most materials including PC, PET, PS, PVC, PMMA (acrylic), PP, glass, ABS, and Alu-board widens its usage areas and the owner's business enterprise.  
european digital press accolade
sign expo award for VJ 426 UF
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