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Customise Trophies & Awards to any specification.

A personalised trophy or plaque can encapsulate all that one wishes to express when awarding it.  Primitive methods in the earlier day involved crude carving and embossing techniques that required manual transcription by steady, creative hands.  Today, printing on trophies or appreciation plaques can be achieved by anyone, via advanced printing technologies that are quick, simple and highly impressive.

Customised trophies can be used for a variety of occasions and events.  Companies can add value to their employee appreciation programs; events can assume more importance and souvenirs can be adorned with that special touch that only personalised awards can offer.  Apart from printing the names of recipients, one can also print tailored messages and creative multi-coloured illustrations to acrylic, glass or crystal awards.

Printing on awards requires specialised techniques as trophies and plaques are often exposed to moisture, heat and physical contact.  These cause fading and eroding of prints over time.  UV colour printers ensure resistance to damage owing to the special ink that dries under ultra violet lamps.  This process not only dries the ink but heats it up to change its state to a solid polymer.  The polymer creates a permanent high definition marking on the surface of the award. 

Advantages for Print Shops

Print shops with advanced UV LED Colour printers can cater to a host of print jobs that are easy to implement and impress clients with.  One can create an image or text in pure opaque white or utilise the white as a primer for sharper, bright imagery on award surfaces.  UV LED printers allow print shops the freedom to expand their offerings, widening their scope and increase business from the customised awards and recognition segment.

Superior Printing Technique for Trophies & Plaques

The latest in the printers market is the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF desktop LED UV printer.  Its compact size makes it ideal for any table top in a print shop. With a print area of 19” by 13”, and 2.75” deep, it allows direct printing onto glass, acrylic or crystal awards, producing top quality 6 colour images through its interwoven print technique.  Its specialised vacuum table steadily holds objects in place while printing, for error free output. The UV LED lamp inside the Mutoh ValueJet is environmentally safe and energy efficient.  This high end printer is designed for short run or one off items making it apt for personalised awards, plaques, prototypes, gifts, and souvenirs.

The Mutoh ValueJet UV LED Printer

The Mutoh ValueJet 426UF desktop LED UV Printer is the recipient of numerous industry accolades.  It has been awarded as the Best New Product at the International Sign Expo as well as winning Product of the Year 3 times in a row.  The latest achievement was at the European Digital Press Association in 2015, where the Mutoh VJ LED UV Printer was given the prestigious title of “Best Multipurpose Object Printer”.  The Mutoh ValueJet 426UF printer is, therefore, being touted as a top printer in the specialty printing market. 

Accreditation for the Mutoh VJ 426UF

If you wish to augment your printing business by adding this advanced machine to your set-up, contact us for a demo today! Or request for a detailed product orientation.

Made in Japan

Mutoh printers occupy a leading position in the global printing industry. The company's cutting edge manufacturing process takes place in Japan with accordance to strict procedures and standards dictated by Mutoh's well tested business culture.  On a constant drive to improve on each range of products, Mutoh aims for excellence in production and delivery. While the 'Kaizen' or constant improvement philosophy propels Mutoh from one success to another, 'Takumi' or master craftsmanship is the force behind each product. 

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Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF

UV LED Printer

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